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Sitno Holding, a.s.

The joint-stock company SITNO HOLDING, a.s. was established on the basis of an establishment contract dated 22 March 2000.
From the beginning, it has focused on investment and advisory projects and from the beginning of 2004 it has managed to build a strong engineering group that operates successfully on the competitive European engineering market; over the course of the coming years, it is expected to continue to strengthen its position.
Currently the company concentrates on searching for and obtaining new partners both domestically and abroad aimed at increasing mutual cooperation mainly in the areas of engineering, special technology, the energy sector, health care and real estate.


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Sitno Investa, a.s.

One of the main activities of SITNO INVESTA a.s. since its establishment has been in the area of tourism. The company operates the Horský hotel Hutník in Krompachy.
It also deals with advisory and marketing activities. Other company activities are concentrated in the area of health care. Since 2004, SITNO INVESTA a.s. has focused on investment opportunity analysis in the area of health care and the pharmaceutical industry where it has prepared a number of investment projects for SITNO HOLDING,a. s.

In April 2005, SITNO INVESTA a.s. established the company HEMO MEDIKA, s.r.o., in which it has a 60% share and opened the Haemostasis and Thrombosis Centrum in the J.A. Reiman Hospital in Prešov. The Haemostasis and Thrombosis Centrum provides highly specialized services that are not normally accessible in the region. This concerns specialized laboratory examinations, evaluations, opinion examinations and interpretation of results as well as diagnostics of congenital and subsequent bleeding and thrombosis conditions. The Centrum proposes therapeutic procedures and monitors patients on anti-coagulants, takes part in pre-operation preparations for patients with thrombophilia with anti-coagulant therapy and it provides conciliatory activities and ambulant care. It also offers cooperation with other specialists (gynaecology and obstetrics, cardiology, general and vascular surgery, orthopaedics, neurology, oncology, anaesthesiology, etc.)
Currently the company is preparing for the potential expansion of its activities into other cities in the Slovak Republic and in Ukraine as well as an investment project to build a private transfusion service, the "Sitno Blood Centre".