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Stredoslovenské strojárne Sitno, s.r.o. was established on 29 October 2001 by SITNO HOLDING, a.s. Until its final purchase of the section of the company from the bankruptcy trustee due to the collapse of Stredoslovenské strojárne, a.s. on 12 July 2002, the company did not perform any business activities. After its transformation into a joint-stock company in April 2004, it was refocused as a engineering company and its basic strategy was changed from repeat customer production mainly focused on welded structures and their mechanical treatment and their installation for foreign customers (most production was directed towards mobile equipment for the construction industry) towards the introduction of its own final mass production of band saws and sanders for metal and wood. In 2003, SSS Sitno closely cooperated with partners, mainly sub suppliers for the automotive industry, as a further sub supplier for technological equipment and production lines in the automobile industry in the area of treating part profiles.
Currently, the company cooperates with various engineering companies in European countries and the United States.
The single shareholder of Stredoslovenské strojárne Sitno, a.s. is SITNO HOLDING, a.s. , which has a 100% share of the company's share capital.


PPS Group, a.s.


PPS has a 50-year tradition of engineering production. The firm began to write its history in 1954 under the name Podpolianske strojárne Detva. From the very beginning, PPS was profiled as a producer of construction, transport and handling technology.
On the basis of a Contract for the Purchase of the Firm, on 4 July 2003, Odien/Sevis reeng a.s. purchased PPS Detva Holding a.s. during bankruptcy proceedings for the company as an entire unit. On 9 Septemper 2003, the company's General Meeting of Shareholders approved changes to the company's Articles of Incorporation and the company's name from the original Odien/Sevis reeng a.s. to PPS Group a.s. headquartered at Tajovského 7, 962 12 Detva. The main strategy of the company is aimed at the production of large sized booms, frames, arms and other moving components for renowned producers of mining, agricultural, construction, transport and engineering producers and the production of the HON 200 loader. The prototype HON 200 loader was unveiled in December 2007 when it was presented for the first time to the public.
Traditional customers of the company include VOLVO, TSP (ATLAS COPCO), KOMATSU-Hanomag, Sennebogen, Caterpillar and others. In 2007, new production for Liebherr France was launched and the company commenced cooperation with John Deere for the forestry industry.
A strategic investment policy was created around the development of the industrial park in Detva directly on the grounds of PPS Group, a.s. and massive investment in progressive technology. The company has a certification for its quality management system following EN ISO 9001:2000, and for its welding quality system it has EN ISO 3834-2 and DIN 18800-7 certification as well as its own accredited calibration lab.
PPS Group a.s. is the 100% owner of PPS Vehicles s.r.o., which focuses on specialized production. The company meets the legally established regulations valid for selling military equipment and is a full member of the Defence Industry Association (Združenia obranného priemyslu).
SITNO HOLDING, a.s. holds 10.72 % of the share capital of PPS Group, a.s.

EOLICA Slovensko, a.s.

EOLICA Slovensko, a.s.

SITNO HOLDING, a.s. began negotiations with producers of alternative energy in 2005. In the area of using wind power to generate electricity, SITNO HOLDING, a.s. established EOLICA Slovensko, a.s., in February 2006 together with a foreign partner - the Spanish company Generación Eólica Internacional, s.l., which is a daughter company of the Spanish group ENHOL, which has vast experience in the construction and operation of wind farms across the world. EOLICA Slovensko, a.s. currently has completed a number of projects in various locations across Slovakia and Eastern Europe. In 2007, the company installed two measurement towers in the villages of Makovica and Telgárt. SITNO HOLDING, a.s. has a 20% share of the company as of 31 December 2007.