SITNO HOLDING is an investment company which manages and administrates a group of industrial companies in Slovak Republic.

The basic philosophy of the company in making investments is the creation of synergetic effects and the creation of a strong market position in various business sectors. The company itself manages more than 10 medium and large size firms above all in the sectors of the engineering industry, the real estate sector as well as the chemical and electro-technical industries.

The strategic interests of the company since its establishment have centred on investment advice, the search for strategic partners for investment intensive projects, operations with receivables, the arrangement of loans, bankruptcy proceeding analysis and direct investment into the area of metallurgy and engineering.
Sitno Holding is a modern company that uses an effective system to manage the companies that belong to the Sitno Holding Group. Effective management above all entails the ability to deal with market changes and at the same time building a stable market position.

Sitno Holding invests its own and external resources into its daughter companies and via its activities develops and increases their value. Sitno Holding, a.s. mainly invests in such companies that bring mutual strengthening and added value via their interconnection.

The long-term goal of Sitno Holding is the stabilise and develop the companies that belong to the group, individually or with partners, and to invest into new projects, obtain new clients and to build a stable position on the Central European market with them.

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