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ŠK Slovan Bratislava

Since 2005, Sitno Holding has been a co-owner of the most famous and successful Slovak football club: ŠK Slovan Bratislava. Under the management of the club's president, Ľudovít Černák (2005 - 2008) who took over the club when it was in serious financial trouble and playing in the second league, the club returned to the top flight of Slovak football and to European football. The club consistently competes for first place in the Corgoň Liga and can look on its collection of titles and cup trophies (the most in Slovakia) with pride. Furthermore, it is the only Central European club to own one of the three most valuable European trophies - the Cup Winner's Cup (1969) when it defeated FC Barcelona 3:2 in the final in Basel.


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Horský hotel Hutník

Sitno Holding owns Horský hotel Hutník located directly on one of the slopes of the Plejsy ski resort in Krompachy in eastern Slovakia. In the winter, the hotel offers services in the form of accommodation and a wide range of sports opportunities. In the summer it offers the beauty and tranquillity of the mountains for nature lovers and those who want to escape the bustle of the city and everyday stress.